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Wireless Networking

Home Users

More and more products on the market these
days are becoming enabled for the “Wireless”
world.  Laptops, hi-fi’s, media centres are all
taking advantage of emerging "wi-fi" technology.

Using the latest secure Wireless LAN technology in your home means you can have more than one computer sharing the same broadband internet connection anywhere in your home, so whilst the kids are surfing the net upstairs, you can do some internet banking on your wireless laptop downstairs














Business Users

Have you thought about wireless
LAN technology within your Business?
Here are some of the benefits:



Cisco AP1200














  • Lower Cabling Costs - areas difficult to network with wired cabling can be covered via wireless technology.
    This also decreases the amount of contingency cabling required.
  • Easier management – moves, changes and additions become much easier and simpler leading to lower support and maintenance costs.
  • Temporary networks – meeting rooms, emergency planning sites in fact a network can be set up anywhere and can be tailored to the number of users required.
  • Flexibility – users can work at the most appropriate place at their convenience, rather than where a wired data outlet just happens to be terminated.
  • Convenience – simplifies network setup in large open spaces such as warehouses.







Linksys Router