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Virus & Spyware Protection & Removal

  • Pop-ups even when your not on the internet?
  • New toolbar in internet explorer that you can't get rid of?
  • Computer keeps crashing?
  • Computer takes ages to do anything?
  • Home page keeps going back to a site you haven't specified?

All these are a sign of spyware or malware.  These are general terms used for software which bombards you with advertisements (adware), or software which monitors private or sensitive information. In most cases it also alters the configuration of your computer, making crashes and annoying browser functions the norm.


Thankfully, along with more well-known virus infections, there are numerous tools which can be used to get rid of such unwanted infections.  Sometimes, however, where a computer is no longer responding, full system re-install maybe necessary.


Whatever your symptoms we can help. We offer a call out service so that we can witness the problem first hand, and then offer the most appropriate course of action. If it is the deployment of a simple "fix-it" programme on site, or we need to bring it back to base for further diagnostics and fixing, rest assured we will be able to rescue your computer back to it's former glory!