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"I work from home and have all my accounts and business files stored on my PC.  I'm worried that if it crashed I wouldn't know what to do."


Sound familiar?  It is a fact that most people do not back up any of their files from their home computers. How would you feel if you lost all your digital photographs, or all your business files you have been working on?


We can offer practical advice and solutions to help you ensure that your data is always safe, should the worst happen. We can backup your files on to a variety of media, and give you a strategy so you can carry out routine backups so that you will never suffer from the effects of a  computer crash.


Data Backup & Recovery

Lost all those precious digital photos?  Has that important account spreadsheet just vanished?


Even the most computer savvy user has suffered some data loss at some point, and wished they could retrieve their files.  If this has happened to you, do not despair.  Using advanced tools and techniques, most deleted data is recoverable quickly and effectively meaning you can get back to work and have peace of mind.





















Data Backup