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Structured Cabling Solutions

Running a Home Office or Small Business (SOHO) with more than one computer?  Have you got more than one computer in your house – maybe a work laptop, a desktop, and the children’s computer?  There are many benefits of networking computers to share resources.  Cost savings can be implemented by utilising the same internet connection and sharing one printer, and we can help you do it.












network cabling




















Whether its networking 2 computers together to share files, or an office suite with servers, printers and internet services, HCS can plan, design and install a structured cabling system to suit your needs using the latest Category 5E and Category 6 industry standard network cabling.  If your Business or Project requires connections between buildings, why not consider optical fibre cabling to compliment the copper data network providing resilience and greater data throughput – we can provide full details on fibre cabling and fibre networking hardware on request.  Has your business got wireless capable devices such as projectors and laptops?  You could consider complementing your wired network by adding wireless connectivity to your network to free these devices from one location – see our Wireless Section.